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What:  Call for WOA Board Elections Committee

When: October 2019 to December 2019

Time: Weekly as needed during the above time period

Where: Conference calls



Dear Women of AT&T Bay Area Chapter Members,

Nominating Committee Members needed: Three chapter members will have an opportunity to serve on this committee. The Nominating Committee will be responsible for leading the election process for the 2010 WOA – Bay Area Chapter Executive Board. Commitment is October 2019 through December 2019 about one hour per week.

Please contact Michelle Peterson if you’re interested in volunteering.


Questions: Michelle Peterson: 510-541-1240,


WOA Bay Area 2020-2021

VP and Board of Director Positions are Now Available

See the WOA Bay Area Chapter Election Packet below for more information:
  • Director Finance - Deposits all membership fees, records each deposit or expenditure, processes
    reimbursements to Members/Board, develops monthly report of financial status to be shared at each
    Board of Directors meeting, develops and distributes formal quarterly report for Vice President

  • Director Programs - Plans chapter programs and events, coordinates logistics and content, sets fees as
    applicable. Develops and manages committees for programs and events as needed (e.g. Health Fair, Refresh).

  • Director Mentoring - Responsible for coordinating all existing circles working with the VP of Mentoring.

  • Director Communications - Responsible for all internal and external publicity and communications
    (e.g. weekly communique, board communications) working with the VP of Communications.

  • Director Scholarship – Coordinates the scholarship program and scholarship application and assessment
    process. Administers the Scholarship Fund by coordinating timely scholarship payments; coordinates the attendance and introduction of recipients at General Membership meetings; provides status reports, and
    updates scholarship history.

  • Director Social Media – Responsible for content management on all social media platforms used by the
    chapter. Responsible for maintaining and monitoring appropriate internal and external Social Media
    channels for the chapter consistent with AT&T policies.

  • Director Mentorship – Assists with maintenance of membership records, registration, merchandise
    ordering and fulfillment, membership applications, and sends out special occasion acknowledgments to
    members as appropriate. This position also maintains membership interest information for use by the
    Chapter Board of Directors.

  • Director Chapter Historian – Maintains the history of the chapter. Attends WOA chapter events and takes photographs. Maintains photo albums on approved chapter websites.

  • Director Volunteers - Solicits and assigns volunteers for all WOA chapter events. This position works
    closely with Vice Presidents, Directors and other event leaders to engage volunteers for WOA chapter
    events. This position is responsible for ensuring that an adequate volunteer pool is identified and
    provided for all events. This position also tracks volunteer hours for chapter awards and corporate
    recognition and provides that information to WOA Board members as appropriate.

  • Director Website - Develops and maintains WOA Bay Area website. (No coding required)

  • Director Community Outreach & Fundraising - Recommends external, non-company projects or activities
    (e.g. Adopt-a-Family), and coordinates fundraising events for the organization (e.g. Candy Grams).

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