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Track Your WOA Volunteer Hours
Thank you for taking part in our WOA events!
Now, it's time to record those hours!

Where do I start?

Login | AT&T Community Engagement (


Here are the Links to Track Time Spent in WOA Bay Area Activities:


For Current Board Members ONLY:

2022 Board Meetings

2022 Miscellaneous Board Activities

For All Members Participating in Calls (excluding retirees):

2022 All-Member Calls

What activities count as volunteer hours?

One way to determine this is by asking, “Did you give your time or talent to benefit your community, a cause, or any 501C-3 or registered charity?” If you answered “yes” to this question, then the activity counts as volunteer hours.


Remember, WOA is a registered 501c-3. Some examples:

  • If you as a leadership team, are hosting a membership or board meeting to grow our organization – this activity counts as a Volunteer activity.

  • If you are hosting a networking meeting – it does NOT count as volunteer activity

  • If you have a luncheon raising awareness on Suicide or domestic violence – be it the cause WOA chooses to highlight, it IS volunteer time. If it is involving one of our chartable partners – it COUNTS.


What activities do NOT count as volunteer hours?

  • Something done for YOUR family such as painting your house, moving, or taking care of a grandparent.

  • Contributions such as prom gowns, books, soda tabs, coats, food and toiletries. There is one exception; the donation of blood. The planning, coordinating and execution and pick-up and delivery of items for an initiative such as a supply drive, or food drive can be counted as volunteer hours but the time cleaning out your closet to give donations does NOT. The time shopping does not count but the time driving to / from does.

  • Personal development time. Some examples are professional development workshops, participation in a mentoring circle where you are the mentee, and informational webinars with no tangible volunteer activity. For more examples see Appendix. If you are serving as a MENTOR, planning or facilitator – that time does count. Spending time mentoring non-employees – students or community partners COUNTS


Is there a limitation on logging community service hours?

Logged volunteer time should not exceed 12 hours for any 24-hour period. Time for meals, sleeping, or entertainment should not count as volunteerism.


Go here to access the full FAQ document in Benevity:


Scroll to Volunteer Portal and you will find: Volunteer FAQ


For questions related to tracking WOA activities, please reach out to Shanna Applebee

WOA National Membership Officer

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