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Donate to WOA Bay Area
We Welcome ALL Donations!
3 Ways to Donate:
1) Via Paypal: Donate to the WOA Scholarship Fund
2) Via Paypal: Donate to the WOA Bay Area
3) Via Charity Rewards: Donate to the WOA Bay Area

AT&T awards you a “Charity Reward” for your volunteer hours. Depending on the number of hours you log, your charity award can range from $1-$500!  Please consider donating your charity reward to the WOA Bay Area Scholarship fund. Every dollar counts towards helping female college students with the financial stress of attending college.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Benevity

  2. Do a Search on Tax ID number: 22-3516036 

  3. The result will show Women of AT&T INC

  4. Click on Women of AT&T INC

  5. Click on Donate Now button

  6. On the next screen, enter the amount you want to donate

  7. Pick One Time as your donation frequency

  8. Select what information you want shared by selecting one option from the Information shared with charity drop down list

  9. Click on Leave a Comment radio button

  10. Enter WOA Bay Area Scholarship Program or WOA Bay Area General Funds

  11. If available, choose Giving Account Balance as your payment method 

  12. Confirm and submit your donation

Thank You for Your Generosity!
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