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Mentoring Circle

What is a Mentoring Circle?

A mentoring circle is a group of employees who meets with a member of senior management to share knowledge and information that will facilitate the professional and personal growth of those involved.

Over the years, mentoring has proven to be an effective approach to prepare employees for career building and success

How are Mentors Selected?

Mentors are at a point in their careers where they can pass on experience and offer resources that are useful to the career development of the mentees.

Mentors are typically level 3 or above (e.g., directors, AVPs, VPs, SVPs, etc.).

Mentoring Circle Format

A mentoring circle is typically led by one mentor with 7 to 10 mentees.

Circles meet every 4 to 6 weeks and each circle handles its own scheduling & agenda.

A Circle Lead helps to coordinate circle meetings with the Mentor and/or his/her assistant(s).

How are Mentees Assigned?

The best fit with the mentor to meet the needs of the mentees.

The availability of space in the circle.


•Be a role model and aware of the corporation culture and political environment

•Pass on experience to educate and inspire

•Provide honest and constructive feedback

•Keep the circle focused and maintain appropriate boundaries




•Be open to identifying developmental gaps


•Be willing to address gaps and remain receptive to feedback


•Own the responsibility of development and success


•Welcome new members into the circle and encourage participation of all circle members


•Coordinate communication and collaborate with circle participants


•Promote inclusiveness, maintain confidentiality and ensure integrity of the WOA mentoring program

What to Expect From Mentoring Circles?

Who Can Join WOA Bay Area Mentoring Circles?

Any WOA Bay Area member can join a mentoring circle. To become a WoA Bay Area member, click on the button below.

Mentoring Circle Contact Form

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