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Kathleen Draper and Professional 50 Forward 
Make a Difference in 3 Lives!

Next Step college students Patricia, Lakeisha and Sadonia have a lot in common. They all started their college studies this year, each has a passion for learning, and each will tell you that her children are her biggest motivation for post-secondary success.


Now, they share one more attribute: They are all proud recipients of P50 Forward scholarships. Professional 50 Forward is a  non-profit Employee Resource Group encouraging diversity appreciation and inclusion in the AT&T workplace and community. AT&T are long-time friends of Next Step, especially the Women of AT&T, a group that has generously paid for students' GED test fees for years. 


In recent years, Kathleen Draper (one of the groups' most enthusiastic advocates for adult education and Next Step Learning Center) has sponsored Next Step applications for the P50 Forward scholarships - awards of up to $2,000 for non-traditional students returning to school after a break of 5 years or more.

Thanks to Kathleen's championing and the generosity of AT&T, all three are in the third round of Next Step students to win grants. Collectively, the three were awarded $5,000, and - for these hard working moms with nine kids between them - every penny will be well spent!

Our WOA President Toni Evans Recognized!

The 2019 Women of Color [WOC] STEM Conference took place October 3-5 in Detroit, Michigan and our own WOA President, Toni Evans won the Technology All-Star Award! The attendees at this conference represented Fortune 500 companies from all over the world that are committed to diversity and to the advancement of women in STEM disciplines and careers.

Let’s CONGRATULATE TONI on this great accomplishment!

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