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Afraid to boast, brag, or toot your own horn? Attend Hour of Development

Join WOA Bay Area and learn how to write accomplishments. Our Speaker is Jae Spikes.


What:  "Learn how to write your accomplishments to tell your story and standout "
When:  October 24, 2018
Time:  12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
888-878-7416     1726742#


Your accomplishments are an important way for you to communicate who you are and the impact you have had on the company and your team.  Join WOA Bay Area to learn how to write your accomplishments so that you can tell your story, standout, and complete those darn EOY Accomplishments. The speaker is our very own distinguished Jae Spikes, Lead Labor Relations Manager. Jae is also WOA Bay Area’s VP of Membership.


Register Here:


Questions? Contact: Terry Sola at -  925-216-3830

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