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2023 Student Scholarships




Question: Does the applicant need to be sponsored by a Women of AT&T (WOA), Bay Area Chapter member?

Answer:  Yes, every applicant needs to be sponsored by a member of the WOA, Bay Area Chapter. The sponsor’s name, UUID (for retirees) and email address must be input to the application form when it is submitted.


Question: How do I become a member of the WOA, Bay Area Chapter, so I can sponsor an applicant?

Answer:  All AT&T employees and retirees are entitled to join Women of AT&T, for free.  Employees can join at Retirees please contact our VP of Membership Evette Trevino at


Question: Can I sponsor more than one candidate?

Answer: Yes!!!  There is no limit on the number of qualified applicants you sponsor.  However, each applicant can have only one sponsor.


Question: What are the advantages of being a WOA, Bay Area Chapter Sponsor?

Answer:  Personal reward of helping a student toward fulfilling her dream.


Question: Who can I go to if I have more questions?

Answer: The WOA, Bay Area Chapter Scholarship email address is, which is monitored frequently. The committee members are listed below, with ATT User IDs, or email addresses:


Connie Crabbe

Kathleen Draper

Toni Evans

Philana Grayson

Theresa Hill

Victoria Hunter Mumphrey

Patricia Neves

Christina Ortiz

Marie  Paz

Melissa  H. Randall

Jill Van Slyke

Cheryl C Santos

Subha Vishwanathan

Weilin Zhang

Winnie Zhang



Question: Who is eligible to apply for a WOA, Bay Area Chapter Scholarship?


  • Female student accepted to or currently attending an accredited, post-secondary institution or vocational/trade school.

  • Sponsored by a current Women of AT&T, Bay Area Chapter member.

  • A minimum unweighted grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. If the school uses a different GPA scale, a conversion chart will be used to obtain the equivalent. 


Question: Can only undergraduate students apply for a WOA, Bay Area Chapter Scholarship?

Answer: Yes, only undergraduate students can apply.  The 2023 Scholarship is limited to High School Seniors and Undergraduate students.  At least four 2023 student scholarships, of up to $1,000 each, will be awarded.


Question: Where is information posted regarding the WOA, Bay Area Chapter Scholarships?


Question: What is the role of the WOA, Bay Area Chapter sponsor?

Answer: All applicants must have a member of the WOA, Bay Area Chapter sponsor them. The sponsor does not need to be an active AT&T employee, retirees and associate members can be sponsors. The applicant must provide on her application the WOA, Bay Area Chapter sponsor’s name, UUID (for retirees - RETIRED) and email address.


Question: Can the student reside outside of the Bay Area?

Answer: Yes, the student may reside outside of the Bay Area. However, the sponsor must be a member of WOA, Bay Area Chapter.


Question: Can the daughters of WOA, Bay Area Chapter members apply for scholarships?

Answer: Yes.  Members can sponsor their daughters or other family members.


Question: Can members of WOA, Bay Area Chapter apply for scholarships?

Answer: Yes, members may apply if sponsored by another member


Question: What documents need to be uploaded into the application?


The application will need to include the following documents:

  • Most current school transcript

  • Letter of Recommendation from Counselor, Teacher, Professor, Coach or Employer (must be date stamped and written within the last 12 months)


Question: Can an applicant apply to more than one WOA scholarship?

Answer: In addition to applying to one WOA chapter scholarship, applicants can also apply for the WOA National Scholarship:


Question: What is the scholarship timeline?


Application Period Begins: Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

Application Period Ends:     Sunday, April 30th, 2023, 11:59 pm Pacific

Recipients Announced:        Second Week of June

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