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2022 Student Scholarships




Question: Does the applicant need to be sponsored by a Women of AT&T (WOA), Bay Area Chapter member?

Answer:  Yes, every applicant needs to be sponsored by a member of the WOA, Bay Area Chapter. The sponsor’s name, UUID (for retirees - RETIRED) and email address must be input to the application form when it is submitted.


Question: How do I become a member of the WOA, Bay Area Chapter, so I can sponsor an applicant?

Answer:  All AT&T employees and retirees are entitled to join Women of AT&T, for free.  Employees can join at Retirees please contact our VP of Membership Sararena Jones at


Question: Can I sponsor more than one candidate?

Answer: Yes!!!  There is no limit on the number of qualified applicants you sponsor.  However, each applicant can have only one sponsor.


Question: What are the advantages of being a WOA, Bay Area Chapter Sponsor?

Answer:  Personal reward of helping a student toward fulfilling her dream.


Question: Who can I go to if I have more questions?

Answer: The WOA, Bay Area Chapter Scholarship email address is, which is monitored frequently. The committee members are listed below, with ATT User IDs, or email addresses:


Carliss Bodely,  cb9549

Connie Crabbe, cc3284

Kathleen Draper, kd2421

Toni Evans, te7361

Philana Grayson, pg3193

Theresa Hill, th9317

Wen Huang,  hw5486

Euly Legro,  el2596

Christina Ortiz, co6539

Maria Paz,  mp2861

Victoria Hunter Mumphrey,   vh2818

Patricia Neves,  ps1853

Cheryl C Santos,  cc8273

Chris Telly,  ct9713

Melissa Ricks, mr1951

Jill Van Slyke, jl4973

Subha Vishwanathan, sr2325

Weilin Zhang,  wz2048

Winnie Zhang, wz4175

Question: Who is eligible to apply for a WOA, Bay Area Chapter Scholarship?

Answer: In summary, female students accepted to or currently attending an accredited, post-secondary institution or vocational/trade school. Sponsored by a current Women of AT&T, Bay Area Chapter member. A minimum unweighted grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.


Question: If the school uses a different GPA scale, a conversion chart will be used to obtain the equivalent. 

Answer: Yes, only undergraduate students can apply.  The 2022 Scholarship is limited to High School Seniors and Undergraduate students.  At least four 2022 student scholarships, of up to $1,000 each, will be awarded.


Question: Where is information posted regarding the WOA, Bay Area Chapter Scholarships?

Answer: Click here


Question: What is the role of the WOA, Bay Area Chapter sponsor?

Answer: All applicants must have a member of the WOA, Bay Area Chapter sponsor them. The sponsor does not need to be an active AT&T employee, retirees and associate members can be sponsors. The applicant must provide on her application the WOA, Bay Area Chapter sponsor’s name, UUID (for retirees - RETIRED) and email address.


Question: Can the student reside outside of the Bay Area?

Answer: Yes, the student may reside outside of the Bay Area. However, the sponsor must be a member of WOA, Bay Area Chapter.


Question: Can the daughters of WOA, Bay Area Chapter members apply for scholarships?

Answer: Yes.  Members can sponsor their daughters or other family members.


Question: Can members of WOA, Bay Area Chapter apply for scholarships?

Answer: Yes, members may apply if sponsored by another member


Question: What documents need to be uploaded into the application?

Answer: The application will need to include the following documents:

Most current school transcript Letter of Recommendation from Counselor, Teacher, Professor, Coach or Employer (must be date stamped and written within the last 12 months). In addition to applying to one WOA chapter scholarship, applicants can also apply for the WOA National Scholarship.


Question: What is the scholarship timeline?


Application Period Begins: Monday, February 28th, 2022

Application Period Ends: Sunday, May 1st, 2022, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Recipients Announced: Second Week of June

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