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Women of AT&T ERG Presents
Shift Beyond
Speaker Topics
Politics of Promotion
The Politics of Promotion:
How to Navigate the Realities of the Workplace Today to Get Ahead
Keynote Speaker: Bonnie Marcus  BIO

The workplace today is a competitive and complex environment that presents many challenges for anyone with the ambition to get ahead. In this keynote address, Bonnie gives practical advice and inspiration on how best to effectively and authentically position yourself for success.
Bonnie Marcus, M.Ed, CEC is an international speaker, certified coach, Forbes columnist, and author of The Politics of Promotion. Designated one of the Top 30 Coaches in the World by Global Gurus and one of the Top 100 Keynote Speakers, Bonnie motivates the audience to own their ambition and talent.
Change as a Skill
How to Approach Change as a Skill, Not an Event
Keynote Speaker: Heather MacArthur  BIO

Change is no longer just an event or process — it’s a skill. If you find yourself struggling with chaotic and rapid change, come join us for this special talk with Heather MacArthur, executive coach and consultant, as she shares the new rules of navigating and creating change in the workplace.
Mental Wealth
Igniting your Mental Wealth for Financial Health
Speaker: Veronica Dangerfield  BIO

Why do 87% of American feel bad about their financial situation? In this workshop,  will examine the emotional triggers that effect your financial figures.  Your emotional life can support or detract from the quality of your financial life, regardless of your income. This heavy weight topic will be addressed by a professional comedienne and it will be fun.  Yes, I said FUN.  Join us as we demolish the darkness of destructive thinking patterns of scarcity and insecurity and emerge into the light of clarity, consciousness and control.
Vision Board
Create Your Vision Board
Speaker: Sonia Ferrell  BIO

In this workshop you will gain clarity on your goal/s by reflecting, creating intentions on what you want to have, experience, feel, or do  (Health, Career, Relationships, Hobbies, Financial abundance).  You will learn to develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.  You will start to create a physical visual representation of the goals and dreams you want to manifest in 2019.
Lab Tour
AT&T Network Lab Tour
Speaker: Adam Gentry  BIO
Tour an AT&T test lab seldom open to public.  The San Ramon lab focuses on the testing and certification of new products and services specializing in the end to end testing of the AT&T U-verse TV and broadband network, Mobility radio access network (RAN) optimization & analytics, as well as the replication of field issues in both U-verse and mobility RAN and is the latest lab to receive 2 AT&T Integrated Cloud data center deployments focused on the delivery of ECOMP and ONAP.

Influence Power
Speaker: Caterina Rando  BIO
The more influence you have, the more you are able to complete projects quickly and even sometimes effortlessly. Influence makes achieving your goals a whole lot easier. Let’s increase your influence starting today.

In this interactive session you will learn how to:

• Embrace and apply the influence equation to increase yours
• Learn the qualities that you can cultivate today to instantly build influence with others
• Connect with people in a real and authentic way to build rapport more easily
• Use the two different kinds of acknowledgment and note the difference in effectiveness
• Understanding the communication faux pas that detract from your credibility and add skills that convey professionalism

This session will prove transformational for all who attend and they will leave with a clear plan to build influence.
Unlock Potential
Unlocking Your Potential
Speaker: Jae Spikes  BIO

“There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential” – Charles Schulz. This workshop will reveal the keys to setting your potential free to become the person you were meant to be.
30 second shark tank
The 30-second Shark Tank
Speaker: Sheila Penelope Thorne BIO
What do you do? Can you tell me in 30 seconds or less without giving me a job title and sounding like an audio resume? A good elevator pitch will catch the attention of potential sponsors. Sponsors are able to make careers; sponsors are people who can advocate for you or connect you with career opportunities. But they can’t do that unless they know what you do. The “elevator pitch” is where you have 30 seconds to describe what you do.  How do you make the most of this?  During this workshop, we will develop elevator pitches highlighting the value you provide to connect you to the opportunities you want.
Intro to VR
Introduction to Virtual Reality
Speaker: Jongki Suwandi  BIO
Experience mobile Virtual Reality first hand, learn fun and practical applications, and gain inspiration for what you can do with this growing technology at home and in your business. 
Artificial Intelligence-Powered 5G
Sinan Akkaya BIO
Laurie Bigler  BIO
Alka Roy  BIO

Come learn the basics of 5G technology, visualize the world with 5G and Artificial Intelligence powered applications, and hear how AT&T is preparing for the future. This workshop helps you see the true potential of 5G and the role of AI in the 5G world.

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